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A Novel by Alan Brett Covey

Latest Update: April 5, 2022

Sorry to disappoint, but this novel has not yet been finished. I'm not so sure if the story is waiting for me to be finished with it, or it with me. But still, Welcome!  You are welcome always to come back and check on my progress, if you wish.

You are here, so I presume I have somehow captured your curiosity, and so now I hesitate to set you free - Not until I am done with you anyway, if I can help it. But even if I cannot accommodate your appetite for a good tale, I would like to give you a taste of what I have been up to. So here it is - my friendly elevator pitch, I suppose:


This story seems to be purposely evading being told until now. Some of my stories, albeit the few I have written, seem to take on almost a life of their own in an almost supernatural way. HARMONY is that way most of all, and it scares me because, in itself, it seems to have taken on those same attributes. 

I’ve loved ghost stories my entire life. I mean, nearly everyone likes a good ghost story once in awhile, don’t they? I am aware, through strange experiences of my own, there is something ethereal that absolutely exists. Even scientists are forced to agree, like it or not, there are supernatural forces that occasionally impede themselves into our reality. For the sake of sanity, we all too often discount them. Sometimes the events are frightening, sometimes entertaining. But in every case they are fascinating – seemingly transcending the rigidity of reality as we know it, disobeying their rules. For my own sanity, and since I can no longer trust even my dearest friends to believe me, I write them down - for you and them - as a story.

I am rationalizing, I know. But it’s only very recently that science and religion, per se, have begun to merge their understanding of the spiritual – Quantum Theory vs God perhaps. First and foremost, I am a lover of science and truth. But it is with that paradox I resort to the pen.

The experiences reflected in this story, were born of a failed attempt at a school project. I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. It began to haunt my dreams. Characters and situations screamed out in my subconscious and shouted for attention. Slowly, the story began to take on a life of it’s own. Vague ideas and nightmares led to creative thoughts, creative thoughts to the page, the page again to restless nights and dark dreams.


I refer you to a time of suffering and loss in areas of our country that most of us know little about. It was not until I was deep into my research when I finally realized that this was not going to be the story I once envisioned, but a revelation about a person from a distant past - a past that has forever stained the fabric of our society and persists even until today. The story that developed was from the mortality of a beautiful young girl who was screaming out to me in my nightmares, from a horrific experience; a tragedy that was never written or told; a grave warning to ourselves.

Finally, the opportunity to tell her story awoke when she found Belle Morgan through myself to tell it. And her name, as it turned out, was Harmony.

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